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Go A-Hunting

Those who know me from my other writing know I can’t resist a good fairytale.  Or doing bad things to good fairytales.  Even when they’re not precisely fairytales but actually classic poetry.  You also know that anybody’s gender can change at any moment, because a fairy godparent is a fairy godparent, am I right?

In this case, I was given two pieces of classic poetry to use as inspiration:  William Allingham’s “The Fairies” and Christina Georgina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market.”  Now if you’ve ever read the latter, you may well be joining me in thinking that the scene with Laura and the goblins was maybe, just maybe, a little creepy.  I’ve certainly always thought so myself and always put it down to some really bad goings-on being glossed over due to the era in which it was written.  I admit that a certain amount of glossing is still going on, but while this story does contain an instance of gang rape, it’s not there for titillation; it’s due entirely to my personal relationship with the poem in question.  (I also realize that warnings aren’t at all common in mainstream writing, but honestly I don’t know why they shouldn’t be.  So if you have any questions before trying this fic, by all means, ask and I will answer!)

Lastly, I want to thank the fabulous Miss Jane Washburn, who gifted me one of her fabulous goblins, and who gave me the poems above as inspiration.  This story is for her, and hopefully she’ll forgive me for making the goblins the bad guys.  You can also find her on Twitter!


Go A-Hunting

Loren knows better than to listen to faerie promises. But when medicine fails and prayers go unanswered, where else is there to turn? And when their lord’s heir returns after a seven-year absence, will Loren’s luck change for the better…or worse?

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