I’d say they were guilty pleasures, but I’d be lying

Considering how much I write, it’s almost funny that I’m so horrible at bios.  And considering how much I talk, it’s definitely funny that I never seem to have much to say about myself in them.  So I suppose I’ll start by confirming that Thea Hayworth is in fact a pen name.  Someday you may put two and two together (hint: check out the icon on my Smashwords page), and hopefully you’ll have a good laugh.  A different kind of hint:  I am all about the tentacle-y things and having a good laugh.

Which brings me to why Thea exists.  While I do write mainstream science fiction, fantasy and horror, I also write erotica, and that erotica is likely to be xenokinked.  I also write unapologetic adventure stories which may or may not also include xeno.  I’m firmly of the opinion that you can never have too much of either of these things, and I’m also addicted to worldbuilding and long, plotty sagas, so what you find here can be a little hard to categorize at times.  It’s not always sexy.  It’s not always serious.  The only thing I can guarantee is that it’s rarely short!

For now things are pretty quiet, but that should change by the beginning of the year.  For now you can check out my Smashwords page…and yes, what you see there should absolutely be taken as a sign.  If I have “adventure” and “xeno” checked off the list, the only other thing I need to make my life complete is “genre-bending.”  Being able to hit all three is essentially my definition of happiness.

Thanks for stopping by!


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7 responses to “I’d say they were guilty pleasures, but I’d be lying

  1. *stalks quietly and offers tea and shortbread*

    Love, LdyAvalon

  2. Karen-Leigh

    So happy to have found you. Books…the love of my life…if you write them I will come.

  3. Reblogged this on kschmo7177 and commented:
    How do I find where your published works are sold? It seems you sign up to blog and then don’t have time to spill your guts…hope it is all going into your stories.

    • Ha, yeah, it’s a crazy thing…when they lay off your entire department but you, it really eats into your free time! In fact, I should really be going in today…and tomorrow…but I would possibly rather spork my own eyes out than see my place of employment today, so….

      • Ah, working for a living. I remember the days. Talk about guilty pleasures, growing old enough to retire, even on no money, with thousands of books and zines and internet fan fiction collected while I was working and now time to do nothing but please myself and read them all and badger my favourite writers for more of same.

  4. Okay, dummy here, as usual put mouth in gear before research. Found Thea site with books.

  5. PS – L K – you might remember me as Karen-Leigh sleeps

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